Slack notifications, email alarms, 100 SMS alarms, 1 minute check intervals, GEO distributed check locations
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Connections are important! Monitor your WebSocket and HTTP services. will let you know first about any interruptions in your services

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  • Monitor type
  • Timeout ms
  • Ignore SSL Errors

Advanced configuration

Enable response check
Response the following string:
Send/Receive message
After connect, send this message to socket:
In response, expect response message the following string:

Check results is a simple but powerful service that constantly monitors your HTTP & WebSocket endpoints and notifies you immediately if something goes wrong.

Our Values


All plans include SMS notifications for instant and reliable alerts

of Service

Our distributed network enables reliable and fast error detection


All plans include 1 minute check intervals, enabling you to know first when something goes wrong


1. HTTP Monitoring

Monitor your HTTP and HTTPS endpoints detect connection problems and incorrect responses

2. WebSocket Monitoring

Monitor your WebSocket endpoints (wss & ws) for connection failures and bad responses

3. PING Monitoring

Be sure your machines are up and reachable


We offer extremely competitive prices for all products.

  • Basic
  • $6 / month
  • 5 Monitors
  • 1 minute checks
  • 100 SMS alarms
  • unlimited Slack/email notifications
  • GEO distributed monitoring
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  • Pro
  • $50 / month
  • 200 Monitors
  • 1 minute checks
  • 800 SMS alarms
  • unlimited Slack/email notifications
  • GEO distributed monitoring
  • API Access
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